The Top Challenges Facing Construction Project Managers

Construction project managers need to be jacks of all trades. From managing risk to communicating with clients, vendors, and teams, there’s a lot they handle on a daily basis. And overseeing this many tasks can be challenging for one person. But what aspects of project management are the most daunting of all? Below, we list four of the top challenges facing construction project managers.

A Limited Budget

It’s surprisingly common for construction projects to run over budget; in fact, one-third of all projects do! Overruns are common, but it’s best to avoid them when possible. To keep the budget in line, project managers need to carefully analyze deliverables, plan for contingencies, and constantly reevaluate costs as change orders come through, prices fluctuate, and other factors impact project profitability.

Time Constraints

Clients and stakeholders rely on construction teams to complete tasks by certain deadlines. However, there are many things that can set back construction projects and cause delays. Bad weather, issues with material vendors, and change orders are some of the most common causes of these delays.

Not all delays are avoidable. Project managers can’t control the weather, nor can they magically anticipate client requests in advance. But they can avoid most delay disputes by factoring potential delays into the schedule in advance and by swiftly and properly communicating when unexpected issues arise.

Managing Hazards

Another one of the top challenges facing construction project managers is hazard management. The construction industry is rife with hazards, and the project manager is tasked with protecting their staff from them. They need to ensure the jobsite is up to OSHA and CDC standards, which involves pinpointing, monitoring, and eliminating on-site hazards. But managers only have one set of eyes, and those eyes might not catch everything, even if they scrutinize the site meticulously. Encouraging staff to keep an eye out for—and report—hazards can help managers with this never-ending task.

Unrealistic Expectations

Clients and stakeholders want the project done their way, preferably as quickly and as affordably as possible. But sometimes, their expectations can be unrealistic. Trying to meet these impractical expectations can lead to stress for the construction company and disappointment for the client. It’s crucial that project managers set reasonable and clear expectations with clients by proposing realistic plans that appease all parties.

There’s a lot that goes into managing a construction project. Managers need to reference and upkeep a variety of documents, communicate constantly with many people, and more. Juggling this multitude of tasks is easier when managers can access information and communicate in real time with a multitude of stakeholders and colleagues from one centralized place. That’s where construction field management software comes into play. At HeadLight, we provide state-of-the-art software that allows infrastructure construction companies to record, monitor, and share information in a user-friendly digital app. To learn more about our Fieldbook solution or to request a demo, reach out to us today.