Ways To Avoid Common Bottlenecks on Construction Projects

A bottleneck—unwanted congestion in a work stage that brings production to a pause or total halt—is a nightmare to deal with and something best avoided. It can cause lengthy and costly project delays, leaving workers and clients frustrated. Fortunately, with careful planning and management, you can minimize or eliminate this pesky project stopper. Here are four effective ways to avoid common bottlenecks in construction projects.

Managing Space

Ensuring your workers have enough space to perform their jobs productively and safely is essential if you want to avoid physical congestion. You can’t expand the size of your construction site, but you can ensure that it’s kept tidy and adequately marked by pathways to facilitate flow.

Managing Labor

A labor shortage can result in a bottleneck because you won’t have enough skilled workers to perform tasks quickly and on schedule. One of the best ways to minimize the effects of labor bottlenecks is by investing in training and upskilling your existing workers, allowing them to effectively handle various tasks at an efficient pace without sacrificing quality.

Managing Risk

Another way to avoid common bottlenecks in construction projects is to manage risk. Injuries can temporarily leave teams shorthanded, while unmanaged hazards can eventually shut down a site. You can identify hazards early on and eliminate them in a minimally disruptive way with a solid risk management plan and prevent injuries that leave workers unable to do their jobs.

Managing Tools & Materials

Material shortages and low-quality, poorly maintained tools and machinery also create delays. Limitations to productivity occur when workers lack the materials they need to perform tasks. The same lack of productivity applies if they have inefficient tools. Poorly performing tools require more finesse and effort to use, which can substantially slow workers down.

Effective management is the key to a smoothly running, bottleneck-free construction site. Our construction material inventory management software allows you to track vendors, materials, and equipment to ensure your team always has what they need to do their jobs. Contact us today to ask about a free demo of our intuitive, innovative app.