Route 6-10 RIDOT imageThe Route 6/10 Interchange Reconstruction project located just west of downtown Providence is the largest in RIDOT history and is being managed with an innovative new approach. The 6/10 serves as a critical east-west regional link for automobile and truck traffic between Interstates 295, 95 and 195, accommodating over 100,000 vehicles each day. As part of the RIDOT commitment to the highest quality project delivery, they have invested in eConstruction innovations including HeadLight, a visual-based inspection and verification tool that leverages mobile technology to change how project teams capture and consume project information on behalf of the state transportation agency.  The technology has a documented ability to prevent claims, quality related issues, and delays through collaborative mobile tools to capture and share oversight, payment, and quality related project information.


“Hats off to RIDOT for leveraging innovation to deliver this major transportation project more efficiently and cost-effectively to benefit the traveling public of Rhode Island. Helping our customers increase the value they can deliver for taxpayers by using technology is what drives our business.”

– George White, CEO


Using the HeadLight technology means a shift from RIDOT inspectors using pen and paper to record construction data, a lengthy process with a heavy administrative burden that can keep inspectors in the office rather than in the field where the work is occurring. HeadLight improves documentation and communication for faster decision making and increases efficiency for better inspection coverage during project construction, both of which can help with quality and safety of the nation’s highways.


“We are excited to work with HeadLight to incorporate their software into our evolving construction program focused on innovation and designed to provide our team with the modern tools needed to continue producing the highest quality project deliveries for the state of Rhode Island.”

– PE Manager, Construction Management, RIDOT


The partnership with HeadLight is designed to amplify the expertise of construction inspectors and most importantly to help keep the Route 6/10 project on budget and on time for the traveling public in the state. RIDOT’s innovative approach to use HeadLight on this project was selected as an example of excellence to be shared with several Departments of Transportation and members of the FHWA at the 2019 e-Construction & Partnering Regional Workshop on April 17-18, 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA.


“The Route 6/10 Interchange Reconstruction project is a massive improvement in transportation systems for our state and a responsibility that we do not take lightly. We look forward to a positive and successful partnership with HeadLight to assist us in offering superior project delivery and reduced risk to the traveling public of Rhode Island.”

– Project Manager, RIDOT


Major work activities began on the busy interchange in November 2018 and are expected to continue through to Winter 2019.