Better Together. Stanley Consultants and Idaho Transportation Department Solve Inefficient and Inconsistent Reporting Process Using Innovative Tech Platform

Stanley Consultants is a consulting engineering firm recognized in the engineering industry for their commitment to client service and passion to make a difference in the safe building of transportation infrastructure. From multi-level limited access system interchanges to rural highways through environmentally sensitive lands, state transportation departments rely on Stanley Consultants to provide engineering services for highly challenging projects.  Stanley offers clients the benefit of managing the projects entrusted to them with an innovative construction daily report app. The technology allows for more meaningful data to be collected and reported via mobile devices during construction and provides a real-time window into progress on the jobsite for all stakeholders.

“The reduction in paperwork and improved reporting through the HeadLight platform is both a monetary and quality value add that we are proud to provide our clients.”

– Deven Elison, Senior Resident Project Representative, Stanley Consultants


A major Owner client of Stanley Consultants, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) had a common but painful agency requirement – an inefficient and arduous pile of (sometimes handwritten!) required forms. Stanley Consultants wanted to find a less time and resource consuming way to provide the DOT with the reports they need throughout the building of their infrastructure projects.

“I find the report format made available to us through HeadLight to be very clean and efficient with a nice flow to how the information is presented. I am pleased that this enhanced reporting solution meets the agency requirements as the HeadLight report provides much richer data compared to what was recorded on our old forms.”

– John Bilderback, State Construction and Materials Engineer, Idaho Transportation Department


HeadLight provided a way to give the required ITD forms a streamlined collection process and an updated and consolidated output as one single report. It saved the project inspection team at Stanley Consultants hours in administrative work as they now create the report with the click of a button from their mobile devices at the end of a shift. The audit team responsible for reviewing the forms at ITD is thrilled at the increased information and consistent report output HeadLight provides.


The new HeadLight report provides both consultant and owner a number of benefits:

Increased Accountability – Standardization of the required forms developed by various stakeholders so the quality of information collected by inspectors is more consistent. Time and date stamped photo and video observations provide a much more data-rich output.

Accelerated Delivery – Saves inspector time and thereby money by eliminating the doubling up and adding of the Owner forms to daily construction reports.

Reduced risk – Audit teams and document review personnel save time and improve effectiveness by seeing reports that follow a consistent pattern.

HeadLight helps you defend claims, accelerate delivery and increase accountability through one central hub that unites all your team members for smarter collaboration and intelligent decision-making.

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