Modernizing Bridge Inspections

Improve safety, reduce time on site, and harness the power of technology to improve bridge lifecycle management.

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HeadLight integrates high-quality inspection, UAS, and maintenance data for better decision-making and streamlined bridge inspections.

Collecting, analyzing, and managing a wide range of bridge data is crucial for inspectors and engineers to accurately assess the condition of their assets. HeadLight improves the efficiency of your agency’s inspection workflows while reducing costs - all while keeping you in compliance with FHWA data requirements.

With HeadLight your team can:

  • Reduce time capturing and documenting bridge inspection
  • Seamlessly integrate inspection, UAS, and maintenance data
  • Share uploaded UAS data instantly via the cloud
  • Easily quantify and tag defects with NBI condition ratings
Key Capabilities

Advanced Bridge Management

Improve the safety of your team and the traveling public, reduce costs, and easily generate FHWA-compliant reporting.


Reduce time capturing and documenting bridge inspection. HeadLight enables teams to quickly and easily record condition states for each element and eliminates duplicate data entry.


GPS coordinates are embedded in the metadata of observations, allowing you to visualize the exact location of attributes and defects noted during an inspection.


Capture consistent and detailed bridge condition observations with narratives, pictures, videos, and condition states and ratings. Consistent reports mean faster report processing and time savings.


Harness the power of AI and machine learning to process massive amounts of data. Our technology identifies features like cracks or spalling on a bridge, helping to guide the inspector to areas of concern.


Seamlessly integrate inspection, UAS, and maintenance data. HeadLight’s open data architecture allows users to securely connect their data sources, allowing data to flow where it needs to be.


Share uploaded UAS data instantly via the cloud. Automatically upload, store, and manage immense quantities of drone photography. Your data comes together in a centralized hub that processes all data from drone flights, field inspections, and more.


Visualize drone flights taken over time on the same map to easily see the change in condition over time. This is helpful for routine bridge inspection and disaster recovery response.


Easily quantify and tag defects with NBI condition ratings. Reports are configurable to meet the needs of your or your partner organization.

Significantly reduce your team's reliance on ladders and snooper trucks to deliver cost-effective, quicker, and safer inspections.

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