Infrastructure is Fundamental
to How We Live Our Lives

HeadLight's values are built on our commitment to strengthening the world's foundation through technology

People who are building the foundation that supports every aspect of our lives—do-ers, inspectors, creators—shouldn’t have to settle for obsolete software that hinders progress. They deserve reliable, best-in-breed, purpose-built innovation that makes their jobs and their lives easier.

HeadLight Values

At HeadLight, we:

  • Focus on the customer and the why, letting the results speak for themselves
  • Think big, but pay attention to the little things
  • Build trust, keep commitments, and challenge each other

Operating Principles

Customer Obsession

We exist for our customers. We strive to partner with them, understand the impacts of the challenges they face, and earn their trust to solve them.

Love Problems, Not Solutions

We don’t get so fixated on a solution that we lose sight of the problem. The best solution wins – no matter the source.


We honor and take ownership of our commitments to each other. We are not self-interested and refuse to say, “that isn’t my job.” We act on behalf of the entire company.

Details Matter

Paying attention to the little things leads to the ability to accomplish big things. We focus on ensuring we get the small things right. We leave things better than we found them.

Earn it Through Results

We achieve our goals by delivering results. We refuse to manage perceptions of results. We work to deliver them with quality in a timely fashion.

The Why Matters

Know why before taking action or investing time. We give context, set clear goals, and use independent judgment. We don’t do anything just because “someone said so” or “it felt right.”

Fail Fast

Speed matters in business. As a result, failure will happen. Do it small, do it quickly, understand it, and use it to learn and grow.

Build Trust

We start by assuming good intentions. We depend on others, so we work deliberately to bring out the best in one another and build trust through visibility and transparency.

Challenge Ideas, Respect Decisions

We love to challenge our own thinking. When it is time to move, we respect the decision, commit, and all pick up an oar and row together.

Think Big

We are comfortable being uncomfortable. We strive for thinking at levels that allow us to scale and make the biggest impact for our customers.

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