Field-First Materials
Verification and Compliance

Plan, capture, and share materials program data.

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Digitize your construction materials management program by unlocking real-time visibility, superior data capture, and program-wide consistency

Project owners can ensure quality standards are accessible and captured in real-time with our construction materials management software. Documentation errors become eliminated, and all stakeholders, from the contractor to field teams to the lab, align on one source of truth.

Take action on your materials data to spot trends across projects, regions, or the whole state. Compare performance between suppliers and contractors. Ensure readiness for compliance audits and have confidence in the quality of your project.

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Materials Program Management for clearer communication and better project outcomes.

From pre-construction planning throughout your construction project, Headlight’s construction materials management software ensures quality and consistency. Reduce errors; save time and money.

Improved Efficiency

Drastically reduce time spent logging samples manually in multiple systems. Eliminate oversampling and testing which can inflate the cost of a state materials program by millions of dollars.

Trustworthy Data

Modern tools and processes eliminate sampling errors making inaccurate data a thing of the past. Ensure all samples are clearly identified, tracked, and tested across projects and producers.

Better Communication

Contractors, field teams, and lab technicians capture and share information throughout the project in real time. Better communication means activities are aligned with plans, and quality assurance standards are met.

Real-time Visibility

All stakeholders see what’s happening across the project and can recognize and remedy materials issues immediately. When the plan changes, your teams align their materials processes accordingly.

Consistency Gains

From planning and collection, to tracking and delivery, from the field to the lab, your sample details and workflows are visible to stakeholders and updates can be seen in real-time.


Digital, field-based processes free teams from time-consuming, duplicative work. Our simplified user interface is easy to learn and fits naturally into an inspector’s daily workflow.

The Hidden Cost of Materials in Transportation Infrastructure Construction

Streamlining materials planning, sampling, verification, and tracking

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Data-driven decisions make projects more successful.

Accurate construction materials inventory management helps expand your field of vision across many projects and roles. Spot trends, find optimization opportunities, and eliminate issues before they become costly overruns. Export data to other business systems; analyze data across projects and use the data to improve future projects.

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What's possible with Materials Management

Sample Plan and the Materials Apps work together to provide real-time transparency throughout the construction process.

Sample Plan App

Update materials in real-time, minimizing communication and over-testing issues. Add, modify, or delete material, a sample type, or material category associated with a project line item. Organize materials plan by line item and pivot based on pay items and materials categories. Data effortlessly syncs to the Materials App so field users can act on it immediately.

Materials App

Create, view, update, and delete a field sample of a material. Specify the exact material being sampled and track sample location and status at each change of custody. Lab teams receive and can process a sample simply by scanning a QR label. Field and office teams can view all collected sample data as it happens.

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