Innovating with Drone Bridge Inspections Data

Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Data?

While the use of drones by bridge inspection teams has become more mainstream, the process to organize, manage, and employ the data collected is still up in the air. 

Each flight collects immense amounts of data but is it being collected in a way that makes it useful beyond today? How can UAS, AI, and machine learning support your teams to fine tune these data inputs and support long term asset management?

Join J.D. D’Arville, Alicia McConnell, Will Jourdan, and Steven Velozo as they discuss the impacts of early adoption of new technologies to drive better business outcomes for DOTs, CEI firms, and contractors.

Watch on-demand to learn how technology can: 

  • Simplify complex bridge inspections
  • Provide geo-positional context to visual observations
  • Organize high-volume visual data for higher analytical efficiency
  • Generate searchable, highly-configurable data for ongoing asset management
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