HEADLIGHT FOR ENERGYVisual Field Inspection for Energy Infrastructure

Capture, share, and act on visual-based data from the field in real-time.

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HeadLight solutions streamline inspections and increase productivity supporting energy infrastructure.

The market landscape for utilities and energy companies is rapidly transitioning to one that requires a cleaner fuel supply, increased reliability, improved resilience, and more control over energy costs for customers. As a result, energy providers need solutions to increase their field of vision of projects and assets.

HeadLight can keep the lights on by unifying your teams with trustworthy inspection data backed by photos and video to give you a real-time view of the condition of your assets. Identify issues, prioritize activities, and reduce risks with collaborative, modern technology. Increase productivity by digitizing your inspection processes.


Visual data gives you a clear picture of your energy assets.

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Transform Inspection

  • Leverage visual data to prioritize issues before they become a liability
  • Configurable, simple to use mobile field tools to fit your workflows
  • Increase productivity and collaboration across field and office teams
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See the Reality

  • Capture visuals to de-risk the execution of transformative energy projects
  • Create an accurate historical record of your energy assets
  • Enable real-time collaboration from the field
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Easy Deployment

  • Get value from day one
  • Easy interface and expected workflows engage your workforce
  • With you every step, with personalized integration, onboarding, and training

Make life easier for your inspectors and gain clarity in your decision making process.

Today’s growing energy demand and aging infrastructure combined with limited budgets, tight people resources, and growing consumer expectations Рequals a system under stress. Energy providers need solutions that offer real-time information to monitor assets, prioritize repair activities, improve resource allocation, and manage infrastructure resilience to help counter these issues. HeadLight supports field teams by improving efficiency and empowers leadership to make data-based decisions.

Visual means verifiable.