US Cybersecurity Regulations:
What infrastructure teams need to know

What do these cybersecurity regulations mean for your infrastructure projects and what steps should you take to prepare?

Incidents of cybercrime against critical infrastructure systems have escalated notably over the last few years with ransomware posing the biggest cyber threat to infrastructure organizations. As a result, new federal and state regulations are designed to force the modernization of technology and improve cyber defenses.

Join us to get actionable tips to help you and your organization be ready and compliant with new cybersecurity regulations. Our cybersecurity experts will also explore how modern, modular technology systems are more cyber secure.

You will learn how modern, secure solutions can:

  • Reduce cyber risk to your firm and partner organizations
  • Improve the success of project RFPs
  • Maximize interoperability with other systems, products, tools, or applications
  • Reduce project delays and cost overruns
  • Enhance safety and quality of delivery
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