FIELDBOOKThe Visual Source of Truth
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Capture, share, and act on visual-based data from the field.

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Photos and visuals level up your daily construction journal

To successfully deliver today’s complex infrastructure projects, leaders and teams require data-driven insights and technologies that reduce risk, improve project quality and timeliness, and help engineers and inspectors do their jobs.

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Visual-based inspection and digital data collection technology improves your project’s quality while reducing risk.

Capture, share, and act on project data making the work go more smoothly and with less risk. See every detail of your project, over time and in real-time, to ensure project quality and accountability.

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  • Build a complete picture with photos, videos, and other observations
  • Quickly and easily capture and understand a project
  • Collect twice as much job site info
  • Reduce time spent on data entry by up to two hours a day
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  • Collaborate between team members and locations
  • Your teams, from the field to the office, function as one
  • Stakeholders can see what’s happening in real-time, on site
  • Data can be integrated into other systems to streamline your workflows
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  • Make better decisions
  • Data-driven insights help avoid claims
  • Pay contractors with confidence
  • Visual evidence can help secure special funding
  • Visual records ensure best practices are carried into future projects

Every photo, video, and data point tells a story of how the project is going.

Our field inspection solution empowers inspectors to easily capture complex data over the course of their day in real-time and create a daily work report with one click. Fieldbook allows for collaboration across all stakeholders to make critical decisions based on data from the field.

Improved Communications

Allows you to quickly and easily convey information and issues from the job site in real-time, saving time and money, and avoiding communication missteps.

More Insights

By leveraging observation-driven data capture, your field teams know more about the project and spot issues as they arise. Your office teams leverage insights to make the next project better.

Proof of Performance

Visual inspection technology mitigates your risk and improves accountability at each step of the construction process.


Your field and administrative offices get in sync when they share data, within and across silos.

Remote Connectivity

See what’s happening on the site in real-time to ensure the highest quality of work.

Immediate Impact

Rapid deployment and training, combined with a natural workflow user interface, ensure your value starts on day one.


Automate your field inspection process into your workflow and gain time, knowledge, and risk abatement.

Data-driven decisions make projects more successful.

Expand your field of vision across many projects and roles. Spot trends, find optimization opportunities, and eliminate issues before they become costly overruns. Export data to other business systems; analyze data across projects and use the data to improve future projects.

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The numbers speak for themselves—kind of like pictures do. Clients report:


Reduction in claims


Increase in productivity


of DOT pilots standardize HeadLight statewide

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Time to value after deployment

Expand your field of vision.