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Advanced construction technology for infrastructure

Our construction technology solution enables inspectors, engineers, and their teams to collaborate. Team members gather more data and generate reports faster with modern technology. Data captured on your projects is yours, can be integrated with the tools you're already using, and is securely hosted with AWS. Deployment is easy with our construction management solution, and we provide any support you need during both deployment and ongoing usage.

Fully secure, works with what you have, value from day one.

Architected for security, HeadLight has passed security checks with the largest public agencies. And we work with you to meet and exceed security standards for your organization.

HeadLight simplifies your data management with construction information software: data is entered once and available to all your systems: you own it. Through APIs and technical help, HeadLight integrates with your existing systems.


You own your data.

Multiple inspectors

Integrates easily

  • Fully supported integration: we’re a collaborative partner
  • Industry standard APIs and customer support ensure smooth integration
  • Experience with integrating with legacy systems

Passes public and private sector security audits

  • We’ve met and exceeded state-level security audits and protocols 
  • Employ best practices for security and data integrity; zero data breaches
  • We work in partnership with you to integrate HeadLight into your workflows

Easy deployment

  • Quick deployment and value from day one
  • Easy user interface with modern workflows
  • Supported onboarding and training

Here’s how HeadLight has helped more than $20 billion worth of infrastructure projects.


average number of days reported by users for time to value from deployment.


infrastructure projects have used HeadLight for their inspection needs.


million observations have flowed through our systems.


average uptime; when internal, on-prem systems go down, we keep running.

Data-driven decisions make projects more successful.

Expand your field of vision across many projects and roles. Spot trends, find optimization opportunities, and eliminate issues before they become costly overruns.

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