Integration of Software
for Infrastructure Projects

Whether you use a singular Construction Management System or a mix of different technologies, accessible data is essential.

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Construction inspection software that integrates with other data sources and tools reduces error rates and eliminates duplicative processes simplifies infrastructure projects

Accessible data at the worksite is essential. Our software integrates with other solutions that are being used to support construction or engineering projects. Our solutions can consolidate your data, bringing it all into one place. Ensure your data is connected across tools and platforms to best suit your workflows. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your platform or tools of choice to make sure all your HeadLight-captured data appears where you want it, in real-time. Automatically update information, connect to the cloud, and download data with one program to make construction management easier. Contact us to learn more about our integration software for engineers, owners, and contractors.


Integrations made easy


Increase productivity and eliminate errors.

HeadLight can automatically sync data with other business systems or export data on automated schedules. We support integrations with eBuilder, SiteManager, AASHTOWare Project, FACSWare, homegrown systems, and more.

Save Time

Increase productivity by entering data once and end populating it to multiple systems.

Reduce Silos

Say goodbye to data silos by integrating Fieldbook data with your project management and accounting solutions.

Auto-Generate Reports

Keep stakeholders informed with automated extract of reports, such as daily work reports or bid items report summaries.

Share Data to Other Systems

Quickly import structured data into other systems when bi-directional integration are not required.

Quick Data Exports

Rapidly download project data; share and retain data in the system(s) of your choice.

Get the Complete Picture

Downloads include all text, data tables, metadata, observation types, photos, audio, and video files.

Data-driven decisions make projects more successful.

Expand your field of vision across many projects and roles. Spot trends, find optimization opportunities and eliminate issues before they become costly overruns. Export data to other business systems; analyze data across projects and use the data to improve future projects.

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Expand your field of vision.