This project example shares details of our pilot with LADOTD. Since that time, our partnership has grown to include 730 active projects and 627 active users.

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development’s (LADOTD) core mission is to deliver a safe and innovative multimodal transportation and infrastructure system. To achieve this mission, they are looking to technology to help improve efficiency and quality across all projects.

“It is critical that our employees are equipped with tools that enable them to do their jobs more effectively. Not only do we need to ensure all infrastructure projects are safe, but we want to execute them efficiently, so we minimize disruptions to residents and spend taxpayer dollars responsibly.”

– Shawn Wilson, Secretary, Louisiana DOTD


Declining public spending on transportation infrastructure projects has led DOTs around the country to reduce their workforce levels, making it difficult for a reduced inspection workforce to collect a growing amount of information each year. The LADOTD paper-based process for field data collection was an area where improvements could yield substantial gains. Additionally, there was a real opportunity to streamline communications and increase collaboration between agency personnel thereby reducing delays in decision-making processes.


HeadLight partnered with LADOTD to deploy HeadLight Fieldbook to 82 users on 50 projects across four districts for an 18-month period. Fieldbook’s visual-based technology leverages the power of photo, video, and narrative observations to build a complete picture of a project. It provides a real-time link to field and office teams for improved collaboration and faster reporting. The fact-based, data-driven representation of what’s happening on a project is surfaced to all stakeholders, allowing for faster decision making and less travel from job site to office.


Project inspectors using HeadLight Fieldbook provide more consistent observations and data than traditional paper-based processes. In addition, automation of Daily Work Reports has resulted in submission rate improvements of up to 66% completed within 24 hours and up to 82% completed within 72 hours.

These productivity gains have allowed scarce inspector resources to cover more projects, while the increased data being collected has increased the speed of decision making, has improved collaboration between the job site and office, and has reduced travel. The net result is a reduction in claims that saves valuable tax dollars and increases the quality of projects. The proven ROI from this original partnership resulted in a statewide deployment of Fieldbook.

To date, LADOTD has captured more than 1M observations.

Learn more by reading the full Research Study or get in touch to understand how Fieldbook can help you improve the productivity of your projects.