TranSystems is a national transportation consulting firm specializing in engineering, architectural, planning, and construction solutions. Their core mission is to enhance the movement of goods and people across the current integrated transportation infrastructure. The firm was selected by the Chicago Department of Transportation to serve as the construction engineer on the 41st Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge. The $33-million pedestrian and bicycle bridge provides more efficient access to the Chicago beachfront and consists of twisting approaches in the shape of a large “S” that connect the Park Crescent community in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood to the 41st Street Beach.


TranSystems places the highest priority on safety, excellence, and compliance with all applicable regulatory and client requirements in their work. They are also keenly attuned to technological advancements in their field, and as such, embarked on this project with a commitment to identify and invest in the most sophisticated field inspection solution available. Ultimately, they needed a way to uncover risk-reducing insights while simultaneously enhancing the quality and timeliness of their work.

TranSystems was seeking technology that would:

  • Streamline inspection data collection and activities
  • Enhance collaboration on the site and between the jobsite and the office
  • Accurately report on activities in real-time and enable sharing


By investing in Fieldbook, HeadLight’s visual-based inspection and digital data collection solution, TranSystems’ engineers and inspectors embarked on construction of the 41st Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge with the ability to accurately collect mission-critical data, collaborate with stakeholders in real-time, and easily view project documents and data stored on the cloud. The field team also gained the proper tools to create a digital field diary, and as a result, navigate the project with increased speed and finesse.


By using HeadLight’s Fieldbook, TranSystems gave their teams the ability to streamline inspection and collaboration, report activities instantaneously, and ultimately, complete work smoothly and ahead-of-schedule.

The result is a bridge that serves as a safe route over railroad tracks and Lake Shore Drive. Pedestrians and cyclists alike can now access the lakefront more easily. Additionally, the bridge is fully ADA accessible and includes ramps to accommodate bicycles, wheelchairs, and emergency vehicles.

A success as both an efficient means of transportation and as a work of art, the 41st street Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge has already received numerous awards, including Engineering News-Record’s Project of the Year and the ACEC-IL 2020 Grand Conceptor Award.
While Fieldbook provided clear insight into every detail of the project in real-time, it will also provide TranSystems with invaluable information over time: HeadLight provides access to archived project summaries and data documenting each phase of construction; TranSystems will be able to glean invaluable insights to optimize future projects for years to come. With the help of Fieldbook, TranSystems delivered this project to the Chicago Department of Transportation nearly six months early and under budget.

Watch the webinar on-demand to hear UAS experts discuss using drone data to enhance bridge inspections.

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