The Benefits of
Updating Your iPad

Why Keeping Your Operating System Up To Date Is Worth The Effort

Make sure you are getting the best functionality out of your iPad by keeping it up to date. Connect to wifi and plug your device into power to make sure the update goes seamlessly.



WEATHER: The weather app has come to the iPad, with a design optimized for the larger display, including immersive animations, detailed maps, and tappable forecast modules. You can even monitor air quality using a color-coded scale that displays the air quality level and category. (Released in October ‘22 with iPadOS 16).

MEASURE: Augmented reality app to measure objects and spaces with added ability to automatically measure rectangular objects. (Introduced with iOS 12).



DARK MODE: A beautiful new dark color scheme that delivers a great viewing experience especially in low-light environments. (Introduced with iOS 13).

MULTITASKING: Display two apps at the same time, side by side, making it easy to multi-task.

LOW POWER MODE: Extend your battery life by reducing the amount of power used by apps and the system. (Introduced with iPadOS 15).

QUICKPATH KEYBOARD: Slide finger over letters to type on the keyboard for easier one-handed typing when you’re on the go. (Introduced with iPadOS 13).

SLIDE OVER: While you’re using an app, you can switch it to a Slide Over window—a smaller window that slides in front of another app or window—and open another app behind it. For example, while you’re using the Fieldbook app, you can have Maps open in a Slide Over window and search for information regarding your jobsite while creating an observation. (Introduced with iOS 11).



  • Identify duplicate photos so you can quickly clean up your library.
    (Released in October 2022 with iPadOS 16)
  • Easily locate the right photo by searching for photos based on place, business name, or date.
  • Improved performance speeds up to the time to first shot and makes shooting photos even faster.
  • Photos and videos caption support.

Expand your field of vision.