Visibility and
Strategic Insights

Act on your data in real-time.

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Build better projects with data-driven decisions

Understand larger trends, spot failure points, and identify and deal with issues before they become costly overruns.


HeadLight’s analytics capabilities aggregate all the job-site data your teams capture every day.

Ensuring you have the visibility and tools you need to expand your field of vision beyond individual projects and into the full breadth of past and current projects.

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  • Powerful data views to answer your questions
  • Complete visibility of everything that happens on the jobsite
  • Use data to improve processes and contractor interactions
  • Analyze not only what happened, but also why, how, and where
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  • Collaborate between team members and locations
  • From the field to the office, see what’s happening in real-time
  • Make decisions with input from all project stakeholders
  • Integrate your data into other systems to streamline your workflows across teams
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  • Make better decisions
  • Data-driven insights help avoid claims
  • Spot trends or issues before they become problems
  • Visual evidence tied to data helps carry best practices into future projects

Every photo, video, and observation tells a story of how the work is going.

Analyzing this data to make business-critical decisions in real-time is the new norm for owners, executives, accountants, project managers, and more.

Leverage every observation

Collect jobsite insights for your projects, past and present, to produce a near-constant stream of information and data.

Give stakeholders visibility

Transform raw data into intuitive data stories to share information, visual observation, and insights that drive better decision-making.

Collaborate and take action

Break down data silos and share insights inside and outside your organization to make impactful decisions and drive competitive advantage.

Integrate for complete visibility

Data is only powerful when it’s at your fingertips. Bring all your data—across sources—together into one, unified view so everyone can see the full picture.

Data-driven decisions make projects more successful.

Expand your field of vision across many projects and roles. Spot trends, find optimization opportunities and eliminate issues before they become costly overruns. Export data to other business systems; analyze data across projects and use the data to improve future projects.

Expand your field of vision.