Make Jobsite
Data Actionable

Save time, reduce errors, increase collaboration, and make better decisions.

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Increase the productivity of your inspectors and the quality of your data by getting jobsite details right.

Stop messing with antiquated paper forms. Simplify data collection in the field, allowing users to view, create, complete, and share forms as work is completed. Give project stakeholders real-time access to forms. Find project data quickly and easily.

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Take your construction forms to the next level.

Digitize paper or PDF-based forms; leverage automated calculations, GPS location, and data entry tools to streamline data collection, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

Productivity Booster

Automated calculations, GPS location data, meta-data capture, and form cloning allow you to collect more data faster.


No matter where you are, with HeadLight you can be on the jobsite—seeing what’s happening as forms are completed.

Visual Proof

Incorporate photos into your digital forms to verify the data collected with a visual source of truth.


Use the data you collect to give stakeholders more information for improved accountability and decision-making.

Offline Capable

Never miss out on data collection in poor coverage areas. Smartforms saves all data collected and syncs when reconnected.


Open data architecture allows organizations to securely connect or share their data sources—eliminating data silos.


Work smarter and faster

Onboard users across the organization in minutes with the easy-to-use Smartforms app and proven deployment process. Field users are freed from paper and cumbersome processes, improving efficiency.

Digital forms empower data-driven decisions.

Expand your field of vision across many projects and roles. Spot trends in forms data, find optimization opportunities and eliminate issues before they become costly overruns. Export data to other business systems; analyze data across projects and use the data to improve future projects.

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