Jacobs one of the largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional and construction services worldwide was chosen by the City of Seattle to provide construction management services on the Waterfront Seattle Program, specifically in the rehabilitation and update to Pier 62 and Pier 63.

As a full service, fully integrated firm, Jacobs designs, engineers, and constructs projects from beginning to end with a dedication to getting to know their customers’ businesses intimately and partnering with them to achieve objectives through a collaborative and transparent construction management program.

This collaboration allows Jacobs to provide higher quality oversight and stronger risk management solutions which is enabled through the use of an innovative visual-based inspection technology. HeadLight allows construction project inspectors to collect real-time data with photo and video capabilities, track equipment and personnel in the field, upload reference files, flag areas of on-site concern and share all of that with all project stakeholders in real-time.

The Pier 62/63 project includes replacing the old aging wood pier with a new concrete structure and providing a large flexible space to accommodate outdoor movies, concerts, or recreation activities. A public floating boat dock will be installed on the southern edge of pier 62, providing direct access to the waterfront. It will enhance the public space, provide short-term moorage and help support the marine environment.

“We are thrilled to be involved in the transformative construction of the Waterfront Seattle Program that will dramatically improve public space and provide much-needed support to the surrounding marine environment. The HeadLight platform enables us to quickly capture and catalog project work progress using media and location information and then communicate in real-time with engineers and the project owner, Seattle DOT, to efficiently deliver the project.”

– Construction Project Manager, Jacobs


HeadLight enables the Jacobs team to communicate in real-time while simultaneously documenting events and conditions on the jobsite which provides a superior level of service and risk mitigation for the City of Seattle to ensure taxpayer dollars are used as efficiently as possible. By increasing collaboration within the project team and enabling visual documentation updates to project stakeholders from day one, HeadLight helps to minimize risks and save money by accelerating issue resolution and project delivery for the Seattle community.

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