iPhone Observations

Safely take single-hand observations with Fast Capture, the companion app to Fieldbook

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Fast Capture is a companion to HeadLight’s flagship iPad and web interface for Fieldbook. Fast Capture is purpose-built to cater to specific, but crucial, use cases, enabling you to effortlessly transmit your observations from your iPhone to the comprehensive project dataset.

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Fast Capture App Overview

Capture Observations via iPhone

Fast Capture capabilities work alongside Fieldbook to augment your team’s ability to consistently collect field data and generate comprehensive, standardized reporting. Stakeholders can see in real-time how your project is being built and uncover insights quickly.

Use Your iPhone

Fast Capture allows you to enjoy the most impactful Fieldbook features in an easy, handheld format to capture on-the-go observations.

Offline Capable

Never miss out on data collection in poor coverage areas. Fast Capture saves all data collected and syncs when connections are restored.

Single-hand Observations

Effortlessly record field inspection results, even in scenarios where your iPad is unavailable or when safety demands a free hand.


No matter where you are, with HeadLight you can be on the jobsite — seeing what’s happening as observations are created.

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