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If you have a project starting in 2022 or early 2023 please complete the form below to get started with HeadLight. To learn more about the program check out the LADOTD program announcement, benefits of HeadLight Fieldbook, and the program FAQ.

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LADOTD Mandate Announcement

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is requiring all construction documentation be performed in HeadLight, effective May 1, 2022. This mandate includes both CEI firms providing consultant engineering and inspection services to DOTD, as well as Local Public Agencies (LPAs) operating under the FHWA/DOTD Stewardship Agreement.

Implementing this mandate ensures all project inspection activities are captured via HeadLight’s visual-based project inspection and verification platform which the DOTD adopted statewide in 2020. The intent is for external personnel to consistently capture project inspection information in the same manner as DOTD personnel.

Standard agreement language will be modified to require the use of HeadLight Fieldbook and Materials in conjunction with SiteManager.

For LPA’s, the mandate applies to new project starts only. CEI firms can choose to adopt HeadLight use on an ongoing project, provided there are at least 6 months left on the project term. Support on future projects will require adopting HeadLight across the term of the project in accordance with DOTD policies.

LPAs and CEI firms are provided HeadLight user licenses for their personnel under the umbrella of the DOTD’s enterprise contract. These organizations can engage directly with HeadLight to lease inspection devices and receive training and technical support throughout their project engagement or procure their own devices.

For further information regarding this DOTD mandate, contact Matt Jones, Construction Division Systems Engineer, at [email protected] or call 225-379-1396. To contract with HeadLight for device leasing, training and support, contact Brad Oien, Account Executive, at [email protected] or 714.768.4914


Every photo and video tells a story of how the work is going.

Our field inspection solution empowers inspectors to easily capture complex data over the course of their day in real-time, and with one click, create a daily work. Fieldbook allows inspectors, project engineers, and folks in the office to create, edit, manipulate, and search project data.

Improved Communications

Allows you to quickly and easily convey information and issues from the job site in real-time, saving time and money, and avoiding communication missteps.

More Insights

By leveraging observation-driven data capture, your field teams know more about the project and spot issues as they arise. Your office teams leverage insights to make the next project better.

Immediate Impact

Rapid deployment and training, combined with a natural workflow user interface, ensure your value starts on day one.

Proof of Performance

Visual inspection technology mitigates your risk and improves accountability at each step of the construction process.


Yes, the intent of the DOTD’s mandate is to ensure LPA and CEI personnel creating DWRs consistently capture project inspection information in the same manner as DOTD personnel.

The mandate is effective April 1, 2022.

Absolutely! Leasing devices and receiving training and support provide your team with the same level of benefit experienced by LADOTD personnel.  This option ensures your team receives the most value from the technology and removes the risk of purchasing, maintaining, and supporting devices.

No, you will not be required to implement HeadLight mid-project. New project starts beginning April 1, 2022 will be subject to the mandate.