1. Mentorship Matters

Having a culture of knowledge sharing sets the entire company up for success. Your most senior employees are the embodiment of the culture you have worked so hard to cultivate.

2. Educate, Educate, Educate!

The construction industry has struggled for over a decade to attract new talent. Gen Z and Millennials make up the majority of today’s workforce yet only 9% consider construction as a career path. Change the perception of a career in construction early on by participating in career fairs or career days. Provide educational tools and opportunities to young adults well before they’ve chosen a career.

3. Offer Apprenticeships

You know best what your team needs to know in order to do their jobs. Having on-the-job training opportunities allows your organization to create an earn-while-you-learn opportunity that has a positive impact within the community. Apprenticeships are already well established within the construction industry making this an easy addition to your firm.

4. Invest in Professional Development for your team

By providing these learning opportunities, you help your employees not only be competent in their profession, but also excel in it. Supporting your team to be successful and content in their work goes a long way to retaining existing talent and recruiting new people.

5. Be geographically agnostic

Businesses have had to adapt to a quickly changing work environment in the last few years and become flexible with work locations. For many job searchers, it has become a requirement- not just a benefit. Not only will this allow you to widen your potential talent pool but it can provide your team the flexibility they want.

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Sophisticated digital solutions—and the information they will allow organizations to retain—will also serve as a pivotal resource to incoming talent: Not only will modernization facilitate seamless knowledge transfer for young construction professionals — it may additionally factor into attracting these young professionals to begin with. Ultimately, the right solutions can trigger a positive feedback loop of attracting new talent, providing this talent with the resources to maximize their skills, which will in turn establish or strengthen a reputation for innovation, and ultimately, contribute to attracting additional talent.

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Fieldbook: Digital Data Capture Equips New Teams with Vital Information

Having a visual source of truth for all your organization’s data will provide both new and incoming hires with the ability to capture, share, and act on this information straight from the field. Photos and imagery will level up your daily construction journal and allow both current leaders and new talent to successfully deliver complex infrastructure projects while reducing risk and improving project quality and timeliness.

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