Ways To Improve Cybersecurity in Construction

As technology continues to evolve, so do risks to security and safety. Data breaches have become more prevalent than ever, increasing substantially in the last decade. According to PurpleSec.us, in 2021, infrastructure and utility industries in the United States experienced a 32% year-over-year jump in ransomware attacks—a significantly higher increase than in the United States at large.

This dramatic increase bumped infrastructure up the list of targets; it was the fifth most-targeted industry by cybercriminals in 2021. Infrastructure is so often targeted by cyber criminals primarily because it is an industry plagued by highly vulnerable systems and software.

Encrypting passwords, two-step authentication, and sign-in security questions are just a few security breach prevention methods that help keep data and information safe. But simply training your people to delete a phishing email will not keep your company or organization safe. Ultimately, upgrading to secure, cloud-based technologies that employ the latest encryption and security measures is the best way to safeguard your data.

So, what are some ways to improve construction cybersecurity? Luckily, there are a few methods for increased protection.

Educate Employees on Cybersecurity

Data risks and security breaches can often take longer to recognize if employees aren’t well-trained. All employees with access to company hardware (iPads, computers, etc.) and any company software such as email or access to a portal, should be trained on recognizing potential security breaches and how to flag suspicious activity.

Recognizing suspicious activity such as phishing emails, unusual pop-ups, and social engineering attempts can help your team protect sensitive data against potential threats. Employees can report potential threats to the appropriate people in a timely manner and avoid serious costs like delayed work and potential claims.

Incorporate Single Sign-On Cloud Applications

With so many programs and apps being used while on the job, implementing single sign-on (SSO) to authenticate users is a good way to improve security. Programs like OneLogin or 1Password help improve construction cybersecurity by reducing password maintenance and ensuring that users are employing complex passwords. Additionally, two-step authentication helps decrease program vulnerability.

Lead Regular Secure Backups & Practice Drills

When preparing for a security breach, it’s crucial that your team both back up their data to a secure location regularly and practice their response. Like school children practice fire drills, employees must practice for potential security breaches and understand how the team will respond.

Training exercises will help give your employees and staff a better understanding of how to approach a security risk. Moreover, using log monitoring and network segmentation will minimize the impact of cyberattacks, and cloud-based or on-site backups can help restore data.

Most importantly, improving construction cybersecurity comes from reliable, trustworthy construction management apps and software that stay up to date and are secured in the cloud.

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