The Benefits of Proper Photo Documentation in Construction

Missed information can pose potential risks to projects in the construction industry. Usually, many individuals share the responsibility of collecting and tracking project data, documenting incidents, and generating reports.

Proper photo documentation in construction has many benefits, including documenting what has been delivered and when it was delivered, tracking changes, and shoring yourself and your team up against potential claims. Photo documentation supports transparency and allows everyone to make informed decisions.

Helps Document Daily Progress

Construction photo documentation allows you to track work progress, even if you aren’t at the job site. Moreover, because of the digital nature of cloud-based documentation, you won’t have to dig through physical project notes and papers to find information.

Photo documentation allows you and your crew to save time by snapping a few pictures and including them with your daily construction report. This gives you, your team, and stakeholders a clear view of the project for a better understanding of progress, changes, and obstacles.

Catch Safety Hazards & Mitigate Risks

Because construction sites contain many safety hazards, it’s crucial to incorporate photo documentation. Construction job site safety violations can put people and projects at risk. By practicing photo documentation, potential issues can be identified and addressed proactively.

Photo documentation can also help avoid claims down the road and mitigate overall project risk. Rich, detailed images that are “stamped” with time and location data provides an indisputable record of work delivered. This unassailable record is helpful for many reasons and can be quite effective at defending yourself against claims or even mitigating claims altogether.

Track Plan Changes & Variations

It isn’t uncommon for project plans to change during construction. Construction photo documentation helps track unforeseen changes or occurrences in the project plan. It also helps avoid miscommunication between staff and crew, especially if additional people like contractors or subcontractors are on the job.

When construction project plans change, photo documentation allows close tracking of those changes. It captures where, when, and how changes took place.

Our proper photo documentation construction management solutions help construction teams plan, capture, communicate, and share data with the entire team. Searchable, real-time documentation reduces errors, streamlines information, and captures data trends so your team can work productively. Learn more about how our construction material management solutions help construction teams do more.